Always write code for a violent psychopath

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So you’re a programmer and of course your clients love you. Since every project you do turns into gold. Your secret is of course the software that you write. Because that is the best software ever written and nobody will ever write sweet code like this ever again. Life is good.

But unfortunately even the greatest software that you have written needs to change over time. Of course this is not your fault, cause you have just written the best software ever. But the business of your client is changing and so is the great software that you have written. This is the reason why most programmers need coffee or Red Bull as gasoline. But why do we need this?

This is because we need to stay sharp while we read hundreds lines of code. I can tell you from my experience that reading all those line of code can be a boring and sometime even a frustrating thing. But we read more code than that we write. We need to understand every character within the code before we can make changes. In the end, we developers read more code then we write and if the code was not written to be readable then we need to spend a lot of time in understanding the code. This makes that we have less time to write code and that ends with less results for your client.

Violent psychopath that maintains your code.So I really think you should always write code as if the person who ends up maintaining your code is a violent psychopath who knows where you live. But how do you improve your code quality? That’s is simple and in fact you are already doing it. Cause the secret is to never stop reading and then I don’t mean only code but also the great books and blog post about code quality.
To get you started, here are some awesome links that got me starting to improving my code quality.

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