Don’t frustrate your users. Get proactive insights!

Avoid frustrated users

If you have ever put a application in production then you will all ready know what can frustrate your users. Most of the time it is the performance of you application that gets under people’s skin. This is because there was no attention for the performance or that you simply cannot produce that large amount of request and data in your test environment to correctly test your application.

But we still want our customers to have the performance that they need and that they deserve. So how do we measure and monitor that. We need to start analyse the production environment and we need to do that without disturbing the users and it may not influence the performance. Now don’t immediately start your favorite IDE and start creating logs that nobody is going to read.

Lets think about it for a second. Why would you reinvent the wheel while there is a great product all ready available that can help you with monitoring your application and give you almost realtime insights in your Application. Yes i’m talking about Application Insights from Microsoft. For many of you already a known product and a product that we all love and trust.


With application insights we can test our performance on the production environment. When we do this on the production environment, then we do it while our customers are using our application. This is the moment that we get real information about the performance of our application and the best of this all is that we can do this without interfering with the performance of our application.

The insights we get are not just plain text log. But it gives you nice charts that even your manager will love. It will give you direct insight in your application. But how do you get started? Well, Microsoft wouldn’t be Microsoft if they didn’t give us comprehensive documentation about how we can use their products. So you can read how to get started on with the following link: App Insights Get Started.Application Insights

But as i say before, most people already know about Application Insights and a lot of you already using it. So why am I so excited again? Well it is especially because of the new functionality that Microsoft is working on right now. It is called ‘Proactive Detection’. This new feature of Application Insights uses machine learning and data mining algorithms to detect abnormal patterns that impact application performance.

With these algorithms it finds anomalies that would be very time consuming to find out about yourself. So no longer that bug that nobody can find that only a couple of users have and cannot be reproduced on a developer’s machine. Now we can start analyzing our data and use that to find anomalies proactive. So we can find that bug before our customers find it and we nog exactly which combination of location, time of day and platform gives us that poor performance.

Hope this get you just as exciting as me. If you want to read more about it, you can do so through the following link: Application Insights: Proactive Detection. As soon as my insights give me enough data, I post more information about this new Proactive Detection. For now, have a happy new year!




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