About Christiaan Molendijk

So this picture, yeah that is me. While I love to take pictures of animals and people. I don’t like it when I’m the subject of a photo. Maybe that is hypocritical, but most people will find pictures of themselves confrontational. At least that’s what I think. However in the end, people want to know how you look. So I was lucky enough to get my profile picture done by a professional photographer and have a result that I can use online.

But I don’t think you are visiting this page to talk about my profile picture. So let’s get into more information about myself. I was born on the 6th of January 1989 in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands. After elementary school I went to a secondary school called Het Groen van Prinsterer. While some people will still call me stubborn. When I was a young man, I really was stubborn. So unless someone could convince me of the benefits of a school subject later in life, I would not pay attention to it. I thought that it was better to learn from experience than from books. Of Course now that I’m older I wish I could tell my younger self to pay more attention to all the subjects. But in the end I think I ended up alright.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw

As a kid I always wanted to become a lawyer. I always thought that it was a badass profession and that I could make a lot of money when I became a lawyer. But my attitude against school prevented me from becoming a lawyer. So after secondary school I needed a new plan.

This was an easy decision for me. Because I always loved computers and coming out of secondary school I already created multiple websites for friends, family and school projects. But at that time I could not find a programming study. Nevertheless I found an general IT study at Albeda College which turned out to be a great experience and kick started my career in IT.