Starting my own e-commerce platform

So having some online businesses and worked as a software developer on other businesses has given me the opportunity to test some of the e-commerce software out there. Some of them I found terrible but there where some that I really liked and most of the software out there I’ve never seen or worked with. So everybody is telling me that there is software out there for any kind of online e-commerce that you want and that you never have to create your own e-commerce platform. They say, just use one that already exists and that fits your needs.

That fits my needs… That’s exactly my pain point. Don’t know if you every had a webshop or something online. The issue is the big companies. Consumers always expect the best services like the big companies are doing. Next to that I cannot buy as much stock as the big companies are doing. So the marges are low. So to still make some money, you have to have the best service and And have a lot of sales to keep a little bit of money flowing my way.

As a small business owner I cannot do that amount of transactions and give customers that level of service without automating the shit out of the company. So no sales transaction should have any human interaction needed to be completed. But when I want to have software that is as flexible as I need it to be and gives me all the functions that I need to compete with the big companies. Then I need to pay big company money for that software. Because I want all the functions below.

E-commerce features that I want

  • Multiple accounts for different businesses
  • Product information management (PIM)
    • With unlimited products
  • Inventory, order management and warehouse management (IMS, OMS and WMS)
    • With unlimited locations for stock
    • With order splitting to send from multiple locations
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
    • With unlimited relations
  • Third-party logistics (3PL)
  • Wholesale (B2B)
  • eCommerce automation
    • Be able to automate every customer-facing tasks and office processes
  • Unlimited staff acounts
  • Multiple channels
    • Multiple (micro) webshops
    • External platforms like and Amazone
    • Socials like facebook and instagram
    • Search engine as Google shopping
  • Fully headless for flexibility
  • Be able to select where data is saved (US or EU)

I truly understand as a software developer that developing software has a price. Because we all want to feed our familie in a nice house. But I really think there should be a solution to help out small company owners to have the online and offline (because most companies have a warehouse or store) presence as the big companies, but without paying the enterprise fee’s for it. I think it can be done. Don’t know how I’m going to make a living out of it. But lets first make the software and see how we can earn a living when there is something to use for small business owners.

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